Monday, September 21, 2015

The Season is changing - Autumn is kicking in

I don't believe you're wandering around the forest aimlessly; rather, you are seeking the light. Even though you're not sure where you're going, you still seem to be searching for something - the light. And when you see it, you are drawn to it. Without hesitation, you head towards it, knowing it's the only way out of the dark forest. - Chase'n Dreams, Angela Moles
The last couple of years have been one huge roller coaster ride for me. I was going full speed without knowing if this ride would ever stop. I have been through some incredible highs but more so often I was faced with challenging days. I lost someone special to my heart and so it began - the bubble bursted. Reality hit me and I realised that I wasn't on the right path. I wasn't were I wanted to be in life. I wasn't even going in the right direction. For far to long I have been living in the comfort of other peoples company, so much that I forgot to realise myself and my dreams. Going with the flow like a dead fish, that is basically what I did. However I want to make a difference. I want to create light and fire in someones eyes and heart. I want to bring, share and feel happiness. Deep within I tugged away those dreams but now I am in a phase where I can't any longer ignore the screaming desire to do and to live. I still have some way to go before I can cut loose and make the jump, but I feel ready to go against the stream and let my gut feeling lead the way.

Autumn is kicking in and I am feeling better than ever.
The season is changing and I am too.


  1. Smuk tekst Sheena. Jeg husker hvad du skrev til mig tidligere på året, og det er aldrig for sent at ændre ens vej.

    Kram <3

  2. This is lovely and that quote is perfect. I love little things like this that really make you think and appreciate what you have. You guys are wicked, we should definitely meet up in the near future, I feel we're kindred spirits. Hope you're well x

    1. The two of us are rolling out them good quality quotes these days. Awww Sarah, that is the sweetest thing to say. Kindred spirits <3 We should definitely meet up - and seeing we are so close, geographically, it should be possible! xo

  3. Åh, den følelse kender jeg alt for godt! Jeg vil gerne have en uddannelse, men vil meget hellere rejse! Men man kommer til, at tvivle på om det nu er det rigtige at gøre og om man bare burde gøre hvad alle andre synes at man burde. Men godt, at du lige fik en opvågning. Jeg har også besluttet mig for, at måske ikke lige følge den naturlige vej når jeg engang er færdig, men det er der også noget tid til...Hvor er det velskrevet! Du skal være velkommen til at komme og besøge mig under min kommende tur ;) Jeg håber at du snart kan følge dine drømme. Kh

  4. Wauw - ærligt og dybt. Follow your feet and heart and you will find the way :)