Monday, November 9, 2015

Clear thoughts on a cloudy day at Sletterhage Lighthouse

Sletterhage Lighthouse (Sletterhage Fyr) @ Helgenæs, Djursland, Denmark
That morning, I walked down the stairways from my apartment to meet my friend Thomas from the Instagram community. We were going on a spontanous road trip to the "nose" of Denmark – Djursland. As I looked outside, dense clouds were covering the sky as far as my eyes could see. My mind was cluttered. Piles of thoughts, dreams and real life expectations have been building up for a while now, making it challenging to look a head. A mind like the sky, I thought. Everything was unclear. I felt the rain lingering in the air as I took the first step outside. It was a grey on grey kind of day; not exactly ideal for a photo adventure. We went anyways. I really needed it. To get away and get my mind off things.

We drove off with high hopes of exploring parts of the coastline of Djursland but only made it to Sletterhage Lighthouse on the South coast of Helgenæs. The blistering rain cut our road trip short. Not that it really mattered. Everything I was truely searching for was found here at this beautiful yet desolate place by the sea. We walked along the shore and talked about life and photography. The quiet sound of the ocean slowly swept away the cluttering piles in my head. Not forever, just for that moment. I guess that was all I needed. A brief moment of clear thoughts and a breath of fresh air.


Thanks for inviting me on the trip Thomas.
You can see more of his work on Instagram at @thomasnoerremark