Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mother Nature called. She wants us to get outside!

A few weeks ago, Mother Nature was begging us to get outside and visit her. She was feeling neglected and for good reasons. Most of December was well spent inside the cosy walls of home with family and all we had given her were gloomy glaces through the window. But this day was different. Her appealing nature was speaking to us with such convincing whisper that we couldn't resist her welcoming embrace. After all she had put on one of her most ravishing Winter attire - a look that seemed more rare rather than regular these Winter days - so the attention was deserved.

On with the jackets, out in the car and we were ready to hit the road.

The roads took us to Himmelbjerget (The Sky Mountain, 147 m) located in the Lake-Highland between Silkeborg and Ry. Half a year had past since our last visit to this place. It was during summer when we went on a 1-day hiking-trip with Terry as preparation for the High Coast Hike. Instead of climbing the hill from the lakeside and to the top like we did back then, we took the back road and drove all the way up there. The second we stepped out of the car, we smiled at each other like we do. We had made a good call. Always listen to Mother Nature! The day was perfect for a late afternoon outing in the beautiful snow covered landscape. The lush green summer scenery which was deeply imprinted in our minds from the many times we had been to Himmelbjerget as kids looked so different in a way, yet recognisable. The pine trees still stood strong and tall as ever with a light cape of snow but everything else was left bare naked. Only a few other visitors had heard the whisper of Mother Nature and had made their way out here too. It was so quiet. The sound of squeaking snow as we walked to tower at the top of the hill was the most pleasant music to our ears. We spent more than an hour walking and talking before our toes decided we had been outside long enough.

The Danish Winter hasn't exactly been filled with the joyful view of thick layers of sparkling snow, which most of us probably dream about each year around this time. I don't know about you but for me it feels really disheartening when the calendar says Winter yet it doesn't look or feel like it. There is just something amazing about Winter time when the sky is crystal clear, the weather mild yet frosty and you can feel the cold biting your cheeks. This was one of those days and I am glad that we made most out of it ♥