Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Back at it again

Basically we have been counting down days since Christmas. Especially me. I spent the last four months of last year in Asia where I was constantly stimulated by new impressions and could endulge myself in total freedom under the open sky. Going directly from that back to my everyday unemployment drill of monotony and greyness has been tough. I am a restless kid beyond the dimensions of the universe - and it is difficult for me not to be in control of where I am heading next. Not that I am in a constant need of a specific target, but knowing that the decision is not mine alone and the waiting for someone else to give me the green light to move forward makes me irritable. So when weekend came around and the car was finally free, there was no hesitation - this was my escape from home captivity and my chance to be in control. Today I would free myself from my own thoughts and remember myself to slow down my worries. In need of reconnecting with the sky and the ocean, not to mention my inner sanity, we drove to the Danish west coast and made our way to the Lodbjerg Lighthouse in Thy National Park. My return has been unforgivingly hard on me. With limited physical activity and a mind continuosly curning all aspects of life, it is needless to say that I have not had a proper nights sleep for long. Walking outside the entire afternoon was exactly what I needed and after being windswept by the cold winter air, I finally slept like a rock.