Blissfull morning in Boccadasse, a genovese fishing village

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Boccadassa, Italy - One morning we went on a one hour walk along the coastline to Boccadasse, a quaint fishing village only a stone throw away from the city centre of Genova. The atmosphere was humming of peacefulness as we arrived to this slice of seaside idyll. A small cluster of vividly colored houses was heartly embracing the Boccadasse harbour, where boats and mortals were resting in the sun. People were sitting on the small pebblestone beach painting the scenery and enjoying their coffee. We joined them for a well-needed breakfast and seriously contemplated whether to never leave or atleast just stay there for a couple of hours. We had seen so many beautiful photos of this vibrant harbour and although just as romantic in real sight, it was the environment's soothing effect that impressed us the most. In a time were people race to impress with the golden shot of themselves or a destination, what is found behind the exterior is often descriptively neglected. It was thus uplifting to see that Boccadasse was not only a digital treasure but also a joy in itself.

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The trip to Genova, Italy was arranged as part of the #KLMtop10 campaign, uncovering KLM destinations around the world, and made in collaboration with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines & Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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