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Full-time dreamers with a serious case of wanderlust

SHINIMICHI is a personal photo journal by Sheena Rasmussen and Michelle Rasmussen - a couple of twins with Filipino and Danish roots, laying low in Denmark. The journal is a collection of photography of friends, places, travels and moments, which makes us smile and reminisce good times. We are visual story tellers inspiring you through short and long journeys to take a break from everyday life. We want to remind you that freedom, beauty and adventure can be discovered everywhere and all of this is right outside your front door.

Story behind the name
SHINIMICHI is simply a combination of our two names Sheena (Shini) and Michelle (Michi). It was a childhood nickname for the two of us, when one of our closest friends still couldn't tell us apart and just unified us into one single name. We choose SHINIMICHI as the name for our blog to emphasise that it is a PERSONAL photo journal where we share our own pictures, memories and stories.
"We are still learning about visual story telling.
But the truth is, it's not about creating stories.
It's about making memories."