Archive 2017

February 28th, 2017 | Denmark Rebild Bakker draped in a morning gown of silky fog That Sunday morning, the landscape had casually draped herself in a morning gown made of silky fog. She was still slumbering as we entered Rebild Bakker - and who can blame her [...]
February 11th, 2017 | Denmark Close encounter with the ice cold waves at Agger Beach The sun was slowly setting in the west but we were still far from ready to bid adieu to the Danish west coast. Instead of navigating us self back home, we went to Agger Beach [...]
February 4th, 2017 | Denmark The lonesome Lodbjerg Lighthouse in Thy National Park There in the heart of the large heath and plantation area of Denmark's oldest and biggest national park, stands the 35 meter tall lighthouse by the name Lodbjerg Lighthouse in all solitude [...]
January 24th, 2017 | Denmark Back at it again Basically we have been counting down days since Christmas. Especially me. I spent the last four months of last year in Asia where I was constantly stimulated by new impressions and could endulge myself in total freedom under [...]