Saturday, February 11, 2017

Close encounter with the ice cold waves at Agger Beach

ph: Agger Beach, Thy National Park, North West Coast of Jutland, Denmark
The sun was slowly setting in the west but we were still far from ready to bid adieu to the Danish west coast. Instead of navigating us self back home, we went to Agger Beach to watch the sun be engulfed by the sea and to enjoy the final hours of light for the day. Stepping foot on the sand, the sunset was suddenly the last thing catching our attention. The westen wind was writing poetry in the water, more rampant and powerful than we had ever witnessed before, so our eyes were immediately drawn to the wild waves crashing into shore. More tempestuous waves have certainly been experienced on these parts, but coming from the central region of Jutland this was an ecstatic and enraptured moment for us. Like two fools we could not help ourselves and walked out on the groyne. We simply had to explore - the further out the better! Fluffy white foam were left as remnants of the tamed waves and were continuously spraying around us. Not surprisingly, the ice cold waves instantly attacked us without mercy. Shivering cold but full of laughter, we ran back like soaking wet dogs and said our au revoir.