Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sunrise at Ballehage Strand

Getting up early can be the most rewarding thing. This morning, we biked down to the beach of Ballehage Strand in Aarhus, Denmark to watch the sunrise at 4.30AM. It's not something we normally do. We did it once last year when we watched the sunrise with Ch&E at the pier of Aarhus Ø and had a very special breakfast. But other than that - never. I guess the long Danish summernights make this the ideal time of the year to do things like this. It hardly gets dark during the few hours at night when the sun is gone and the air doesn't get too cold, so in principal you can just find a good spot, pull an all-nighter and wait for the magic to happen.

In the early hours we met with our friend Maria to do a morning photo walk at the beach. These days there are a lot of sculptures located a long the coast because the biennial art exhibition Sculpture by the Sea is being held on Tangkrogen and Ballehage Strand. Normally the beach is swamped with people visiting the exhibition but not at this time of the day. It was refreshing to have the entire beach almost to ourselves. No distractions. No disturbance. Just us, the water and birds in the sky. As we reached one of the installations, The Eternity Bridge, the sun had taken it's first peek above the horizon. A couple hiding under a blanket was sitting quietly on the bridge, just enjoying the moment. It was so peaceful, calm and breathtakingly beautiful! We watched them watch the sunrise. Seemed like the perfect way to start the day.