Friday, July 1, 2016

To the Danish coastline and back: Sangstrup & Karlby Klinter

It was one of those sunny brisk days that you anxiously long for during those colder winter months. The clear sky might fool you but these photos were actually taken last year in November. Together with our mom we took a walk at The Cliffs of Sangstrup and Karlby (Sangstrup & Karlby Klinter) on the peninsula Djursland. It is a 5 km long stretch of coastal lime cliffs which is not nearly as famous as its bigger brother The Cliffs of Møn (Møns Klint) situated on the Southeastern part of Denmark.

Its anonymous existence suited us just fine as we could fumble across the rocky beach while peacefully enjoying the subtle sound of minuscule waves rolling in and examinating the walls of rocky lime that have withstood years of erosion. I love digging deep into beaches to find unique pieces of stone, sea glass or seashells. What is it with walks on the beach that suddenly transform you into an avid collector? It is like your mind becomes so focused on everything that lies before your feet and nothing else. We collected a pile of pebbles and stones. They were all categorized by various self-defined classes but were eventually left behind to preserve the hidden treasures of the beach for the next-coming visitors. The sky was perfectly clear that day and a fresh breeze gently waved in from the Baltic Sea. Nothing feels better than to be refreshed with pure and bracing air that leaves you with a sense of internal rejuvenation.
Karlby & Sangstrup Cliffs appear as very beautiful coastal cliffs. Karlby Cliff is connected to the even higher Sangstrup Cliff, only separated by a wide river valley, and you can walk along the water to Gjerrild Cliff and Sangstrup. But keep an eye on the water level! In high tide, the beach disappears some places and it is not always easy to find a place to get up from the bottom of the cliff.