Monday, August 8, 2016

Instagram Takeover @GoVisitDenmark - Summer Edition

This July, we had the honourable pleasure to do an Instagram Takeover @GoVisitDenmark, the official Instagram account of VisitDenmark. Being approached by these guys and recognized for our stories and photos from travels around Denmark and the rest of the Nordics is a huge pat on our backs - not to mention, being featured on their channel and being able to connect with their followers was a great way to showcase ourselves while giving our take on why you should explore Denmark.

Now a chance like this comes with great opportunities, so we thought very long and hard on where to take their followers with us during the 4-day takeover. Ultimately, we went locale representing Central- & East Jutland. Why not show them a part of Denmark which hadn't been covered as extensively like others (Copenhagen, you know we are talking about you). Not surprisingly our theme of the takeover became nature experiences and how you actively can enjoy the varied Danish nature through hiking- and biking trails or on road trips. We wanted to give their followers the sense that Denmark can be more than a city break in Copenhagen or staying at a summer beach house by the coast. So we brought them with us to three different areas, that would show them just that:
(Click each picture for description on Instagram)

↠ Road trip to the tip of the nose of Denmark, the Peninsula of Djursland

↠ Hiking part of the ancient road Hærvejen from Viborg to Engesvang ↞

↠ Ways to experience Søhøjlandet (The Lake-Highland) ↞

We want to give a HUGE thanks to VisitDenmark for featuring us in their #DanesTakeover serie on their Instagram profile @GoVisitDenmark. Interacting with their followers was such a great experience, so thanks a heap to them too for tagging along as we showed them around Central- and East Jutland. We really hope we inspired people to get out and explore the Danish nature and perhaps even gave them some ideas for future adventures taking them through our beautiful country.

Full stories will be up on the blog later on. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer - perhaps somewhere in Denmark? :)