Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The turquoise Lake Tenno and an Italian medieval village in the mountains

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Once in a while you will see things in life, which beauty is hard to take your eyes off. It happened to me, when I found myself standing in front of the mesmerizing emerald Lake Tenno - the small mountain lake famous for its intense turquoise color and clean water. Described as a gem in the Trentino region on the Northern part of Lake Garda, it's one of those places you should drop by if you happen to be around this part of Italy. Lake Tenno is a laid-back destination for anyone wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of Lake Garda. Here you can walk, swim or just enjoy a nice quiet picnic with your family and friends. We went there during a late October afternoon and I must say, I think the autumn colors of the dense forest surrounding Lake Tenno really made it pop! ♥ This calm oasis was like a little piece of heaven. It even became more angelic as an Italian church choir, who arrived at the lake minutes after us, started to fill the air with songs of prayer - hallelujah!

From Lake Tenno there are hiking paths taking you either around the lake or leading you away from the lake and into the hills. We were short of time, so a trip around the lake will have to way until next time. Instead we continued on the path taking us to Agritur Calvola, a family-owned farmhouse inn, only half an hour walk away from the lake. As we enjoyed the peaceful mountain view from the road, we past through one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy, Canale di Tenno. This magical place of the past is quite adorable with its narrow streets and stone houses built into each other in a very compact manner, a style of architecture of the 13th century. Albeit a tiny village, I could easily had gotten lost in time while exploring every corner, every alley and all the small details of this place. But again - time had us rushing through the village as the day was starting to turn into night.

We arrived at Agritur Calvola just in time to catch the sunset. For a little while we sat outside and watched as the sun casts its last rays on the mountain tops by Lake Garda, before finding our table inside the restaurant. It really oozed of that friendly local warmth you can only find in a family-owned place in an isolated village up in the mountains. The restaurant served dishes made from home-grown ingredients; very authentic for the region. Canederli, strangolapreti, pasta with olive, carne salada and rabbit was just some of the things we tried. It was simple, nothing fancy but still delicious and certainly beyond my expectations.

One day when I find myself in the Trentino region again, I definitely have to come back to Tenno for a full leisure day at Lake Tenno and a revisit to the medieval village! On this trip, we didn't get the chance to visit Castle Tenno, so that's also on my list. I'm pretty sure I can convince Sheena to go with me and then we'll end the day with a real meat feast at Agritur Calvola because she really just need to try their rabbit.
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