Friday, December 30, 2016

Getting physical as we climbed the Via Ferrata Rio Sallagoni route

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Ohh just look at us three Scandinavian girls ready for a bit of climbing between Italian rocks. All smiling and fearless ! Personally I haven't done much climbing in my life. Only the most obvious things like trees, ladders, fences and the occasional buildings to fetch a ball that had been kicked up on the roof top. Rock climbing was a new and doing it Via Ferrata style made the challenge less daring for an inexperienced climber like myself.

Via Ferrata is the Italian word for iron path and it is an activity, that combines both hiking and climbing. These iron paths take one through mountain routes of varies degrees of difficulty but common for all of them is the safety that is provided for the climber through anchored steel cables, ladders and bridges running a long the path. Climbers secure themselves to the steel cable, limiting any fall if one might miss a step.

That afternoon in the drizzling rain, I had fun with Janicke and Sofia climbing the Via Ferrata Rio Sallagoni route as we were guided by Devid from Mmove by Friends of Arco through the long Rio Sallagon canyon and up to the ruins of Drena Castle at Arco, Trentino. In terms of difficulty, it was an easy route. Perfect for a first time climber! Right from the start we got the grasp of securing ourselves correctly as we made our way along the iron steps built into the narrow walls of the canyon. At some parts we came into more open spaces of green oasis where we could feel the ground beneath our feet again. Other times we had to cross cable bridges from up high to go from one side of the canyon to the other. Balancing on this cable wire is probably the closets I will ever come to feel like a ballerina. However, by no means in an elegant and graceful manner. After a small hour of being close and physical with the rocks, having our lips almost smooching its moisty surface and our hands thightly grabbing its every creases and bumps, we finally made it to the top full of excitement and cheer.

Definitely something I could see myself trying again - perhaps somewhere a little wilder, hohoh !
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